Hi, I'm Marshall Coleman, a writer and youth minister.

I created Seize Your Story to share the Hope of Jesus Christ to those questioning their worth due to any sort of darkness they've been battling. (Such as depression, divorce, anxiety, addiction, grief, apathy, loneliness, stress, loneliness, suicidal thoughts, or sin). 

Here, we share works of poetry, testimonies, experiences & fiction as well as reference other forms of pop culture & media to help you see the Light in the midst of anything you may go through.

We believe that the message of God lives in the stories of scripture in The Bible. But we also believe that God has a story for everyone, right now. Including you.

A story more important than you could possibly comprehend. 
Regardless of how strong the darkness may get, it will not have the last say.

Because Your Life is a Story. And It Matters to God.


You can find me here on Instagram (@marshall.coleman) and here on Facebook.




The Seize Your Story podcast is a bi-weekly podcast where we shine some hope for any darkness you might be going through. Each episode shares various pieces of scripture, poetry, books, movies, history, and everyday people to remind you that your life is a story. And it matters.