Hi, I'm Marshall Coleman, a writer and youth minister.

Welcome to Seize Your Story, where we write stories & poems to let you know that you have a story worth living.

I created this blog for a student who tried to commit suicide multiple times. Thankfully, they’re still here, but after recovering, they struggled to know what they had left to live, if anything.

They struggled with things like depression, anxiety, addiction, grief, apathy, loneliness, and decisions that led to sin. I too, like so many others, felt the same at different points in my life.

So here, we share, in creative ways, the Hope & Truth of Jesus Christ laid out in the stories of The Bible.

And we believe that God has a story for everyone, right now. No matter the darkness they've been battling. That includes you.

Because Your Life is a Story.
And It Matters to God.


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The Seize Your Story podcast is a bi-weekly podcast where we shine some hope for any darkness you might be going through. Each episode shares various pieces of scripture, poetry, books, movies, history, and everyday people to remind you that your life is a story. And it matters.