Michael's Story: God in the Art

I wrote

Not sure of when

But I did


It became a passion

Shorts were all I knew

But then I grew


Learning of poems

Writing less of what I know

And more of what I learn


Days are fuller

The nights aren’t empty

It’s Him who comforts me


I don’t fear opinions

The thoughts of them

The ones that don’t matter


Instead I write for me

for the people around

sharing what I think


the stories, the poems

about my life and others

ones we see, the ones unheard


not stopping

always creating



"I wrote this poem in the front of my notebook as a reminder to never stop creating and sharing what I want to. I’ve written so much and only shared a handful of it with others but after receiving positive feedback I’m more confident in my writing.

I don’t fear what others will say.

I go through enough stress picking the right words to say as I write to stress over whether someone won’t like what I write.

Over the month of April, I detached myself from social media to write more, because I felt I needed to. Praying constantly throughout, I didn’t hear a voice or have God show up in a dream, but there was an urge in me to share my work and allow it to leave the screen of my computer.

I would love to say God writes for me, but He’s given the gift of letting me write and I couldn’t be more grateful."



Isaiah 64:8: "But now, O Lord, you are our Father; we are the clay, and you are our potter; we are all the work of your hand."

As a being of the Ultimate Artist, may you also create.

May it be a reflection of The One who made you.

And let that art not just be with a device or pen, but with your heartbeat and your soul.