The Supernal Saint: Last Classroom on the Left

-An ancient former hero, bound by unbreakable chains and a mute voice, is eternally punished by uncontrollably waking and blacking out through time and dimensions.

In each location, he must decide to act upon his much desired revenge upon his nemesis or do what he no longer wishes to do...let his power take him and be a hero.-

I woke.

Location: On the outside of a school probably during what is most likely an alternate version of 1950s-1960s. Instead of being something from a suburban TV show, it's more like something that a biker gang took a hold of for renovations. 

But that’s not the worst part.

In the aftermath, I held a little hand. A hand much to small to be lifeless. 

You can’t save them all,” Repeated in my mind.

The hallway was in shambles. Covered in rubble from teachers transformed by the Gray into fire-spiting beasts. They chased the crying children down the hall desiring the only thing the Gray desires: nothingness.

But I saved them. I let my power take me immediately. This time my adrenaline made me a speedster, moving faster than I could understand. I evacuated the little ones all out. 

The saving of other lives finally felt legitimate. Almost like back then…before HE took over and threw me into this dimension-traveling game of HIS. It finally felt real. Almost like a hero again.

That is, until I saw this little hand on the ground sticking out of the last classroom on the left.

HIS disgusting voice again echoed in my head.

You can’t save them all.

And it angered me even more because, as much as it infuriates me, HE was right and there was nothing I could do to prevent this truth.

Which is why I will do everything in my power to find HIM.

My sight became hazy.

I thought I heard a distant laugh behind me.

And I blacked out.

The Supernal Saint: UnSave

-An ancient former hero, bound by unbreakable chains and a mute voice, is eternally punished by uncontrollably waking and blacking out through time and dimensions.

In each location, he must decide to act upon his much desired revenge or do what he no longer wishes to do...let his power take him and be a hero.-

I woke.

Locale & Time: Possibly Ancient Greece, (though more transient and otherworldly) 

Landscape: Statues and gathering places made of white pillars and limestone. Lush green vegetation surrounds the outskirts with other buildings, presumably houses the outer edge as well. Like something out of a painting but even more vibrant colors.

“Is that all you’ve got?” A woman dressed in some sort of red and white costume or uniform (couldn’t tell the difference) slowly stood up from ground. She was a few hundred yards ahead of me.

Surrounding her was a group of black silk-covered in beasts. More like a mixture of squid and a bear. Some were in hoods, others were out in the open. One was ugly as the other. 

They made an attack formation, ready to throw everything they had directly at her. From the looks of their faces, they appeared as if they were ready to tear her apart. 

I could see the gray hole forming just a few yards behind her. I could almost hear his voice calling. All I had to do was walk passed her and go in. Then, finally, he’d be mine to take down. 

Yet, my conscience had other plans. Without wasting a second, I knew what I had to do. 

I rolled to the left trying to stay out of sight of the beasts and then rolled on up into the midst of the scuffle. 

She stood on one knee after receiving a blow to the stomach. That was my cue, I stood in front of her and closed my eyes, hoping time would slow down and the adrenaline would activate. I focused, letting my heartbeat take me. Except she had other plans. 

“What are you doing? Get out of the way old man.” 

Assuming she must be confused, I continued closing my eyes, focusing on my heartbeat, allowing the situation and the reality of what was happening build up The intensity of my adrenaline. 

Bum bum. 

The danger she was in.

Bum bum. 

And just as I felt the energy within me start to take over, something that felt like a huge clump of metal crashed into my neck, forcing my face into the ground. It was if a truck lambasted me from above my shoulders. 

“Stay down old man I don't need your help. Got this myself.” 

What was she talking about? She’d surely die if she stays like. Is she asking for death? 

“Don't give me that look you decrepit piece of dirt. I know what you’re thinking. I can handle this myself. There's a reason I'm out here. There’s a reason why I’m here, the only person fighting these-” She threw a punch to one to the jaw. “-things.”

Once more she picks me up from my neck. “I don't need you to save me. I don't need anyone to save me.” 

And with that, she flung me into the nearest tree, about 100 feet off. My spine landed directly into the trunk as I slid slowly to the ground. 

Concerned that she just might be taken over by some sort spell from these monsters I tried to quickly gather myself and stand.

But it didn’t matter. They might've been attacking her but she was doing whatever she was pleased to handle her own. Every single move the monsters made, she would have another move for them. She didn’t only counteract them. She threw them back a few feet every time. 

They moved, she moved directly to where they were going. Hitting them. Smacking them. Bringing them them back right down as if teaching them who was more powerful. 

She moved away faster than I anticipated. 

A right. A left. A right again. Left. 

Left foot. Right foot. 

And then both the left and the right. Both legs. Both arms. Spinning, moving, jumping, crushing. One after the other, after the other. One body going to ground the other going up and vice versa. Over and over again until, finally, with one last sweep of her left foot, she connected to each of their heads. And instantly, they turned into the ash and rubble they resembled. 

She stood over their disheveled bodies in triumph, breathing hardly at all. 

I lifted my head barely able to gain my breath as I felt half of my ribs broken, puncturing into my lungs. 

Should've went for the Gray Hole this time. 

It goes to show, some people are in need of saving, but they just don’t want it. 

Some people feel that they can handle it on their own. 

Maybe…perhaps maybe, I should let them all go. Let them all decide. So I don’t have to save them all. 

She gave me one last look of contempt and walked off. 

With a few last puffs of breath, my eyes went hazy once again.

And I blacked out.

The Supernal Saint: Nothingness of HIM

-An ancient former hero, bound by unbreakable chains and a mute voice, is eternally punished by uncontrollably waking and blacking out through time and dimensions.

In each location, he must decide to act upon his much desired revenge or do what he no longer wishes to do...let his power take him and be a hero.-

I woke.

Or did I blackout?

I felt my eyes. They were indeed opened.

Yet all I could see was blackness. Not blind. Blackness.

But that’s not the most disturbing thing. It was the silence. Deafening doesn’t even being to describe it. And it’s not the silence that normally I’m use to. It’s the kind that even drowns out my own thoughts.

Then I heard it. 


The one responsible for…EVERYTHING. My anger distorted even my simplest thoughts.

“Welcome, to the place dead ones. To the void of nonexistence.” The poison of HIS words crawled on my skin. “Yes, this is the end for those who meet death. Even ‘your people’.”

Shut up. Shut UP! Get out of my head. Get out.

“I didn’t quite hear that. Something rip out your throat? Or someONE?”

And as if his words triggered a response in my body, I felt a tingling burn in my chest. But it wasn’t enough. I had to do something. I had to focus.

“Come on old friend, let it all swallow you. The pain. The guilt. The failure...The elderly. The crippled. The children.”

Even in the emptiest void…

“Hear that? The beautiful screams? Sound familiar don’t they? Remember them. Feel their pain.”


…in the face of black nothingness…

“Youuuu arrreee aloonnnee.”


…when the only thing that can be heard is the sinister form of existence.

“They are gone.”


There has to be some light.

“Youuuu arreee ovvverrrr.”


There has to be some.

‘It. Is. Over.”


There has to….

Then, in the distance I noticed something. The tiniest glimmer of something shiny, something gold. It waved in the nothingness. Like a candle about to go out but strong enough to brighten everything around it. 

Just barely visible. Hardly noticeable. But still...

...It was there.

It was enough.

And somehow, someway, I escaped.

And I woke up.

The Supernal Saint: Alleyway Monster

-An ancient former hero, bound by unbreakable chains and a mute voice, is eternally punished by uncontrollably waking and blacking out through time and dimensions.

In each location, he must decide to act upon his much desired revenge or do what he no longer wishes to do...let his power take him and be a hero.-


I woke.

Locale: Dead End of Alleyway in Unknown City of a Probably Over-Developed Country
Estimated Time Frame: 2090s
Landscape: Towering brick buildings surrounding to the skies, stretched for hundreds of miles

“Mom! Mommy, no!”

“NO! Get-Get off me! Let him go! Help! Somebody Hel-“

I heard their voices in the distance as everything came into view. My eyes opened as did my emotions.






Same thing on this cursed journey.


I hate this.

I hate…


Roughly a hundred feet from me was the mother and her child getting beaten, robbed or both by someone, or something. Couldn’t tell exactly which because of the large black overcoat that swallowed his shape.


I gathered myself to my feet as every scar, bruise, and wound won’t let me forget.



And neither will the chains shackled to my wrists and ankles. 


With nowhere else to go, I walked forward. 



The mother spotted me. 


“You! Please hel-“ 

The jacket figure tossed her down like a garbage into a can.

She winced, grabbed her neck, and yelled in my direction. “Stop NO! Please…HELP US!”

The figure raised his hands and came down with them in a fury on her.


I kept my head down. 



Her screams grew louder as I walked closer.


“HELP! Please, you have to-“




I walked until I finally approached them, keeping my head down. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the child standing along the wall.


“Please, stop-OHF!” He hit her on the head this time. 


I sighed, shook my head and walked off.


“N…No…NO! How could you?! Plea-“ She was hit again.


I couldn’t.

I wouldn’t.


I’m done.

Done with distractions like this.

Done with “helping.”

I don’t believe in those things anymore.

They are dead.

And I am numb.

Breathe. In and Out. Breathe.

It’s just keeping me from my goal.

Like all of them.


A surge of wind with a force of lightning ripped open at the end of the alleyway. A gray portal opened up. 

Only a few hundred yards away. 

I can feel it. 

I can see in it.

It called out to me.


I have to reach it.

I have to find HIM.

So I shut my ears, let the scene continue behind me, and kept walking…

Inhale. Exhale.


“M-Mommy. Mom-GLUGH” The sound of a hand squeezing the throat of the child.


“No! Leave him alone!” She cried.


“MRRRMMMM,” The low grunts echoed down the alley as it came from the figure.


I could almost hear the grip get tighter and I walked further into the distance.


“No! NO! You’ll kill him! NO!!!”


I felt a tiny blip in my chest. 


The beat built up.










And then…




Before I fully understood what was going, on my chains bounced off the wall and wrapped around the neck of the black overcoat as I caught the other end. In the same motion I yanked my weight backwards and pulled the figure to the ground. His grip released from the child.


A fury of strikes and blows poured from my body to his as if I had no control.


And the next moment I stood over the knocked out body of a short and stout human man with an overcoat.


He was man fully consumed by the Gray-the darkness responsible for punishing me.


Then, I nearly jumped as two small arms wrapped themselves around my knees.


The boy looked up at me and I, down at him. “Are you a superhero? Cuz that was so cool.”


NOT that. Not even close, kid.

I looked at the innocence in his eyes, and then into his hurting mother’s behind him.


Even when it’s against everything I now believe I can’t stop.

I don’t want to do it.

In fact, I refuse.

I wanted more than anything to keep walking to find the one thing I woke up here to find. 

But I simply CAN’T.

And I don’t know why.

All I do know is that there is something in me that tells me the same thing.

I have to help.

Even if it’s against everything I’m trying to do.

Even it it’s against everything I stand for.

Even if everything inside of me screams, “Not today!”

Even if I want to absorb apathy.

I physically can’t.

My body, my mind, and what’s left of my heart…they won’t allow it.

They won’t let me have a say anyway.

I must lend a hand.


Even if it leaves me wandering for eternity.

Even when it kills me.


The mother’s voice mumbled in the distance and the image of their eyes faded out like dots being erased.


Everything went gray.

And I blacked out.